Worldly is a label with an innovative approach to redefining made-to-order fashion, collaboration and creativity.
Who we are.

Founded by Jason Harvey, each collection is created by a new artisan designer in an effort to give access and empower talent that wouldn’t ordinarily get the support and exposure necessary for commercial success.

The brand’s philosophy is a call to interrogate the notion and duality of material values in ordinary life, and our spiritual existence.

Established in 2021, Worldly is rooted in being responsible and inclusive while continuing to push the envelope. Its business approach is to provide each collection designer with the tools to produce the best pieces through incubation strategy together with access to information and resources to create the show of their dreams! Designers are selected by the founder, who brings wide-ranging expertise from his previous roles as creative director, producer, as well as artist.

The Atlanta-based company crosses all boundaries when it comes to creativity yet remains centred around the theme of being, or encompassing “worldly.” “Worldly is just a part of my spiritual background,” says Jason. “In church if you were too much of the world you were considered to be ‘worldly’. So I wanted to play off of that and show that you can’t run away from being a part of the world. You live and you learn and you better yourself. There is no manual to this life. And just because I make mistakes doesn’t mean that God cancels me out. So it’s about freedom. Inclusion. Uplifting. And keeping that Godly foundation and principles for the brand.”
Celebrated designer John Byrd-Olivieri was selected to put together the debut collection. In a career that spans more than a decade, John has become known for his cross-cultural inspirations, masterful craftsmanship, and the impeccable fit of all of his garments. This collection brings to life twinkling pastels through raves of flowing silhouettes punctuated with structure and precision. These all come together as daring looks that are part fabulous couture, part audacious streetwear.
In an industry that still traditionally and systematically lacks diversity, Worldly is changing that. Aside from its focus on upskilling and selecting marginalized designers, how it operates speaks volumes. It will continue to hail from Georgia as a commitment to bring fashion to the people and open doors for many others. This also includes using its prominence to shine its light with purpose and engaging in conscious international collaboration.
And this is only the beginning. Worldly is set to expand in 2022 catering to a digital audience while retaining its impressive designs that will inspire through its intricate couture techniques. Celebrities and influencers, boutique clothing firms and online fashion portals are among those pegged as notable clientele. For contact details and more information, visit (insert website page or social media handle).
Specializing in brand identities,
editorial design and typography.